DocStaff Dental Staffing wants to maximize your practices’ resources by providing pre-screened applicants to save you time in the interviewing process.

By conducting office consultations with the key personnel in your office, DocStaff can provide appropriate applicants that are the perfect fit in your dental practice.  This eliminates the laborious tasks of a search by providing appropriate candidates for Temporary or Permanent Positions. We simplify and develop a hiring process that will increase your productivity in the office.

A Unique Approach to Personnel Placement for the Dental Community

  • Office Meetings with the Dentist and Staff to build relationships in order to determine the appropriate candidates with the specific qualifications of the positions to provide well-qualified potential employees or temporaries to expedite staffing decisions
  • Creating a fee schedule that accommodates the small business owner
  • Vetting of all applicants with in-depth personal interviews and document verification to assess the experience level, personal goals, and personality of each candidate.
  • Quality over quantity to expedite staffing decisions

DocStaff Dental Staffing’s vision is to provide the best quality applicants for private practice based dental offices – temporary or permanent.

The personal office visits enable DocStaff to refine the candidate selections by gathering important information about your specific office climate, philosophy, and team dynamics which assists DocStaff in finding quality applicants for your consideration.


  • Office Consultations for Successful Matching
  • Applicants Screened
  • Credentials Verified
  • Personal Interviews
  • Placement Guarantee


  • Vacation
  • Maternity Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Peak times of Year
  • Employee Loss
  • Personal Time

Staffing decisions can be one of the most challenging aspects for a dental practice. Let DocStaff Dental Staffing assist you in the critical hiring process in addition to providing talented temporaries.

"I wish I could give them more than 5 stars! They are so organized and wonderful to work with. I have a second job and DocStaff always finds me the best temp jobs to work around my busy schedule! I am so blessed to know them and I highly recommend this agency."

- Danielle

"I cannot express how grateful I am for this agency! Lea Ann took the time to place me in an amazing office with great doctors and staff. I was actually able to interview and accept a permanent job offer in less than 2 weeks! Absolutely amazing, could not be more grateful! Thanks DocStaff!"

- Sandra